A Letter to Connect 4
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Written by Chad Bradley   

Dear MB Games,

Connect 4 (Travelpax version), The vertical strategy travel game!, is an essential on any long journey. I’ve often found when travelling alone that Connect 4 is a great way to make new friends. It’s a bit odd when someone sits down next to you and asks for a chat, but most people respond very favourably when challenged to a game of Connect 4 by a stranger, even one as badly-dressed as myself. I have awful dress sense. I think I inherited it from my Grandfather, who only ever wears his dressing gown.

I have often wanted to be able to play Connect 4 with more than one person at a time – I don’t mean playing lots of games at once, but instead upping the player number to four, or twenty-two like football, which could be fantastic. However, having many people deciding on the next move would take a lot of the fun and spontaneity out of the game – it really is a case of too many cooks literally spoiling the broth, or rather too many Connect 4 players spoiling the Connect 4! “Many hands make light work, but too many Connect 4 players ruin Connect 4 – it’s a 2-player game you moron!” Put that on your box if you like.

Anyway, as I was sat on a train the other day, idly wondering whether Connect 4 is better than Tetris (yes!), and whether it would be a good business move to market Connect 4 as the game for people too stupid to understand chess (no!), I had a fantastic idea for a new version of the game. Tell me what you think:

Connect 1
The new game from the makers of Connect 4

A totally new concept in vertical strategy gaming, Connect 1 takes you to the next level!
2 discs. 1 space. 1 winner.
Get your disc in the grid first to beat your opponent.
Hands behind your backs.
Fight your way to victory! Win! WIN!
Do whatever it takes!

I’d have made the game myself, but I haven’t got the machinery. Anyway, I couldn’t really call it “Connect 1” unless you made it, and that’s half the product, right there in that name! You could market it as ‘The brutal vertical strategy game”. You could do a travel version, but I think people would probably be reluctant to play with a stranger. Maybe make the normal version, then wait until everyone has heard of the game, and then do a travel version.

I haven’t got any design documents or anything, just the idea. It’s a gem of an idea, though, it really is. It sells itself. Let me know what your think.

Yours sincerely,

Chad Bradley.

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Dear Chad

We are in receipt of your recent letter, which has been passed to us for a reply. Hasbro thank you for inviting them to consider your idea, however, the company maintains a very strict policy against reviewing such unsolicited proposals from individual inventors.

We suggest you contact a toy and games agent who represents the concepts and prototypes of independent inventors to various manufacturers throughout the toy and games industry or The British Toy and Hobby Association in the UK. Outside of the UK a local Trade Organisation may be able to provide a list of agents for you who may sell the proposed new product within the industry.

The British Toy and Hobby Association however, produce and "Inventor Pack", which contains a comprehensive listing of members and allied service companies. They also produce a further book entitled The Toy Industry in the United Kingdom, which contains a section especially for games inventors. For further information on availability and pricing you may wish to contact them at 80 Camberwell Road, London, SE5 0EG, Tel: 0207 701 7271. In the meantime we cannot make a specific recommendation and do not endorse any of the agents mentioned, we are attaching a list of names and addresses of agents who have given us permission to release their names.

We are returning any materials and correspondence you sent us, which we can confirm have neither been copied, examined nor reviewed. We wish you well with your efforts to market your concept.

Yours sincerely,

Wendy Hicks

Consumer Affairs Advisor

Hasbro Consumer Affairs Department

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