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My impressions of yesterday's Tommy Johnagin show

Tommy Johnagin

The release of the comedy work of Johnagin which was named the Stand-up-3 comedy has raised many and mixed reactions. It was released by the Rooftop Comedy and recorded at Comedy works in Denver which was all about the life of Johnagin. The work was the tour of the comedian on his work. It is simply the life tour through the imperfect life and more so as a parent and as we all know him as a comedian. This work caught my attention as I always have been reading this and thought analyzing it would make me understand it better.

Tommy Johnagin comedy tour and personal life has always been to perfect his craft and stand-up comedy work as all of us wants the best for ourselves. The life is so pressing and he has a lot of things to do in a day. He sometimes wants to do some workouts, visit the gym, and the comedy work. Doing one thing while the mind is still thinking of the other is not so easy. Tommy says that he is not perfect in doing two things and sometimes the second thing may not be perfectly done. Doing comedy work makes him skip some other things like movie watching or having enough sleep. Such a life is not easy to live.

The fact that Tommy takes his comedy as a self-motivating profession and he always at work is a good decision in life. Most of the time in his life, while he was young he was always on the road and he was treating it like vacation. If he took that to the current life in comedy, he would in vacation for about 50 weeks in a year. This could be time wastage and he avoids it at all cost. All the time he takes it as time to work or prepare to do the comedy.

In the life tour, he loves his family. He spends his free time with his girlfriend and his baby. This makes his mind fresh and he has time to practice and prepare for his comedy work. The family makes him lay back and not to be out at nights doing spots and other things. He gets time to make his work more and better for people who love his work.

Creativity of Tommy’s work is incredible and very constructive. The work he has done in stand-up comedy 3 leaves most of his listeners happy. He uses creative metaphors and all the materials that captures the attention of the listeners and keeps them listening all though. More so his current work makes them forget his previous works because it is up to standard. This gives him an upper hand on my side.

Tommy has a mind of focusing on his work other than what the society says when they see him perform. He has a self-believing aspect and says it to the public he is well intention and hilarious. Even when his actions may seem not to be like the words him always try to make it up. He has the slogan 'let’s just do it' to show his determination to make it in life is very high. He has built and maintained a good momentum over the years he has been in the industry. This has made him achieve a second position in the last standing on NBC.

As I conclude, from the time Tommy started doing the comedy I have loved his work. He is doing tirelessly to improve his work in his comedy tour and he is really achieving it. Stand-up comedy 3 is a proof of these efforts. Listening to it is delighting, refreshing always and adding it to my album was not a mistake.

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