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Making a Great Hamburger


My girlfriend Linda and I wanted to make a tasty burger and leave anyone who tasted it was to be left licking their fingers. We thus went ahead to buy the ingredients we required. I bought high-grade and freshly ground beef, pepper, salt, chopped bacon and Worcestershire sauce. Linda bought the rest like the canola oil, an egg, onions, and the minced clove garlic; also she added cheese to make it really tasty. There was a source of heat and grill to ensure that the meat was well cooked. Also she did not forget toppings including American mustard, tomato sauce, dollop, hamburger buns, and tomatoes.

Linda started by washing and grating our small onions to make them fine while I was cleaning the grill and remove any rust which might be in existence. Linda and I started by mixing the high-grade and fresh ground meat so as to ensure even distribution of the fats by making meat to fat ratio to be 8:2. Then we put the minced meat in a bowl and put in the same bowl the pepper, salt, the chopped bacon, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, cheese, the egg, and the grated onion and mixed them. We ensured reasonable measures to avoid over mixing to give it a unique taste.

Then I started to take the meat and measure like 6 ounces and not bigger than that and gave it Linda. She was just rolling the meat from one hand to the other into small balls. After that she used her thumb to press and make depression on the balls to ensure they were no more than 1 inch thick. This was to make sure the meat would cook completely and to avoid puffing while cooking and also to give it a good shape. The pressed meat balls are the ones called patties for the record.

As Linda was continuing with making the patties, I was pre heating the grill to a reasonable temperature where the burgers will not stick. I put the canola oil which is neutral-flavored and had to wait for it to start smoking and I knew it was ready enough to place our burgers. I put them on the grill and seasoned them with a pinch of salt and pepper. To add on the juicy part I covered the grill and reduced the touching of the burgers or even pressing them down. I kept regulating the heat to a maximum temperature of 160F. We ensured they cook for 5 to 8 minutes and then turned them until they were not pink again on the inside them. We could not help but salivate due to the aroma from the burgers. I did not let them stick.

Our burger was almost ready but we had to put add toppings to make complete and enjoyable when eating. I sat and let Linda do the serving. First, Linda sliced the tomatoes and cut the hamburger buns into two halves .She then spread the hamburger buns with the American mustard so well. She then put lettuce, dollop, thinly sliced tomatoes and tomato sauce. She then covered the other side with hamburger bun tops. We then sat to eat it and surely it was so tasty and easy to cook.

My name is James McNear

I'm a writing editor, media director, ghost copywriter and gonzo journalist.



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