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Squash is a great way to burn a bunch of calories

Squash is a game of tactics, speed and intensity. This can be said to many different sports but it doesn’t make it any less true. All of the aforementioned factors are great ones when it comes to building muscle tone, stamina and of course, shedding off some extra calories.

Originating in Harrow School in London, the first courts were built in crowded areas. Nowadays, squash is now played in a 9750 mm x 6400 mm x 5640 mm court. Although squash may seem to occupy a smaller area than other sports like tennis, football and basketball, the way it is played will explain why it is considered as a high-power, high-intensity sport.


Squash equipment is unique and functional. With rackets made of composite materials or metals like Kevlar, titanium and boron, squash is a definite arm exercise. Squash rackets are 27 inches in length and 8.5 inches in a width, with a string area of 500 sq cm. It weighs roughly 90 to 150 grams. Imagine swinging this against an extremely bouncy, rubber ball in a confined space with an opponent trying to outwit you at every turn. The balls themselves weight 23 to 25 grams alone!

Compared to its American cousin, the racquetball, squash games tend to last longer as it is harder to “kill” a ball during a rally. There are different types of styles and games to win at this game. Some prefer to use power while others prefer to make tactical shots to take the ball away from the opponent. There are also some players who counter by being great at retrieving and returning the ball to their opponent. While some, arguably the tougher players, keep the pace fast, outpacing and outplaying their opponent to exhaustion.

Knowing this, squash is a great alternative to the same boring workout at the gym. It’s cheap, and can be done in relatively smaller places. It’s high-intensity and fast, perfect for those aiming to build their speed and speed up their stamina. Not to mention, burn off extra calories in an enjoyable manner.

However, the question remains, how much calories does squash really burn?

Similar to other calculations with other sports, it really depends on how much one weighs, how long he or she plays squash and how intensely. Although, it is estimated that a full 30 minutes of playing squash can burn up to 422 calories from a 155 lbs individual. As it follows, it burns 491 calories from a 180 lbs individual and 559 calories from a 205 lbs person. And that’s just for half an hour!

In an hour a 155 lbs individual can burn up to 844 calories. While a 180 lbs individual can burnalmost 1000 calories! And, amazingly, 1,117 calories can be shed by a person weighing 205 lbs from a single hour of proper squash session.

This is in no doubt because of the speed of the game, thus forcing any participant to be light and quick on their feet. And to outwit and score against an opponent,power is needed from a participant combined with strategy.

All in all, regular squash sessions will be a great alternative to a gym routine or something to try and spice workout routines up. It improves strength, agility and betters cardiovascular health and stamina.

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