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For several years, I drink coffee every day


Every day I wake up I ensure to take a cup of coffee. I have done this for several years and believe it when I say it is very nice and healthy. When making a cup of coffee I ensure it is simple and nice. I start with boiling one cup of water to a reasonable temperature. As the water boils, I prepare the cup and add the coffee in it. Then, the sugar and sometimes I add some spices like lemon to make it different in taste. After adding my measures of coffee and sugar I add the hot water and the color turns to brown and I cannot help but salivate. Sometimes I add some milk to taste and stir and this gives a different taste and color. Lastly, stirring the coffee and drinking which gives me a good start of my day.

Taking the coffee every day has made me a different person from my friends who hates coffee and only takes other drinks. My brain and memory has improved so well and for sure I rarely forget. Memory loss to me is like a history and also to the Alzheimer patients the rate of recollecting their memory is undoubted. I recall so many things that had happened in the past.

The coffee also supplies my body with antioxidants and makes me healthier. The antioxidants are more even than the one from the fruits. I get vitamins like the Riboflavin (B2), Niacin (B3), Thiamin (B1), and Pantothenic Acid (B5). Also I get minerals like Potassium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, and Manganese which assist in healing of the wounds when am cut and my immune system are strong. I rarely get sick.

Functionality of my heart is enhanced and I have had no heart disease for all those years. The antioxidants in the coffee ensure that I cannot get inflammation which is can lead to damage of the artery. As a matter of fact I have 25% chances less in the risk of getting a heart disease and palpitations. I am certainly very safe.

My moods have improved and I handle stress very well. Even when angry I do not get depressed mostly because of coffee. The caffeine performs better in the neurotransmitters as it starts the release of the hormones dopamine and serotonin which are the control of hormones for depression. This acts as an antidepressant and even when many get depressed and commit suicide I am still standing.

I do a lot of physical activities like running and gym and I manage it very well. Reduced pains and aches in my muscles and joints is a result of my coffee intake. It is very proven that taking the coffee gives me more glycogen which allows me to even recover faster in case I get some pains and I get less fatigue.

Am male and thanks to the coffee because it has improved my fertility and has made me more virile. It has assisted me in having a high volume of semen than before I started taking it. Even the erectile dysfunction which many men have is not in me. Also after checkup I had reduced chances of the sperms cellular damage and the DNA. Improved sex life is my privilege.

Coffee does a great work in my body by preventing me from diseases. The skin cancer and diabetes are not a reason for me to worry. This is enhanced by antioxidants and phytochemicals thus reduces the chances of developing malignant melanoma to prevent the cancer. Type 2 diabetes is reduced by 11% and thus I take coffee for my better of my health. Join me and live healthy like I do.

My name is James McNear

I'm a writing editor, media director, ghost copywriter and gonzo journalist.



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